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Air Blasting Nozzle

Last updated: March 14, 2019

What Does Air Blasting Nozzle Mean?

An air blasting nozzle is a device that accelerates air and an abrasive blasting mixture over a material's surface that exhibits pitting and needs repair and subsequent protection from corrosion. The air and abrasive mixture is discharged from the end of the hose through the blast nozzle. The nozzle's length and tapered design determine the pattern and velocity of the mixture exiting the nozzle.


Corrosionpedia Explains Air Blasting Nozzle

An air blasting nozzle is made up of materials such as tungsten carbide, aluminum, boron carbide and silicon nitride that can withstand the force and pressure at the outlet tip's nozzle while spraying pressurized air and abrasive at high velocity and pressure on an area with defects or corrosion.

Air blast nozzle sizes are based on their orifice diameter in 1/16 inch increments. The size of its orifice determines the air and abrasive consumption rate. The amount of air entering the nozzle is measured in cubic feet at a given pressure. The size of the nozzle plays a very important role in the effective spray of the mixture. Larger nozzles lower the blast pressure and cause rapid wear on the blast hose. Conversely, if the nozzle size is too small then a smooth mixture flow will be difficult to achieve.


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