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Last updated: April 19, 2019

What Does Appurtenance Mean?

Appurtenance refers to all auxiliary physical components that support the function of a pipeline during its operation. Examples include drains, vents, valves and manholes. They may be located above ground or below ground and may be prone to corrosion.


Corrosionpedia Explains Appurtenance

Appurtenances are often associated with internal corrosion due to corrosion-causing conditions on the internal lining of a given pipeline. These conditions are often contaminant or corrosive substances such as:

  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Water

Corrosion prevention mechanisms must be used to maintain a pipeline's structural integrity and its associated appurtenances to prevent critical failure. Adequate protective mechanisms such as coatings, cathodic protection (CP) and in-line pipeline inspections can be used to reduce the rate of corrosion.


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