Last updated: November 19, 2016

What Does Thermopile Mean?

Thermopile is defined as an electronic device that is used to convert heat (thermal energy) into electrical energy. Thermopiles commonly consist of a set of thermocouples that are arranged in series for measuring small quantities of radiant heat. These devices do not respond to the absolute temperature but they generate an output voltage thatis proportional to a local temperature gradient.


Corrosionpedia Explains Thermopile

Thermopiles can be used to provide cathodic protection on storage tanks or vessels that hold liquids. A thermopile anode unit has been invented that is readily fabricated and conveniently installed on the storage tanks or vessels that carry large quantities of petroleum products and chemicals to protect metallic structures from corrosion. When a thermopile anode unit is sealed to the tanks or vessels it helps prevent liquid leaking into the atmosphere. It also helps to insulate the metallic structure from electrical shocks.


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