Definition - What does Diluent mean?

A diluent is a liquid used in coatings to dilute so that it can easily flow. It reduce the consistency of coating. The water used in latex coatings to thin it. In this case water is a diluent.

Diluents are cleaning tools and a thinning agent for coatings. Diluents helps many products easily flow through tubes, pipes or mechanical equipment thereby it reduces pumping costs.

A diluent is also known as many terms such as:

  • Reducers
  • Thinners
  • Reducing agents
  • Reducing solvents

Corrosionpedia explains Diluent

A diluent is a diluting agent to easily flow of solutions. It reduces viscosity of different mixers or solutions thereby it smoothly flow through holes or on the surface. Since it both decreases viscosity and density of the fluids, it helps to reduces operating costs to flow. It only alters the density of the chemicals within the product but not change the physical form of the product.

Common available diluents include:

  • Water
  • Paint thinner
  • Kerosene or diesel
  • Benzene or phenol

High density fluids are heavy crude oil/bitumen. For easily flow them, diluents needs to add with them to flow through the pipeline. In this case, naphtha or condensate are used as diluents.

When it uses in solvent extraction, a metal extraction agent (extractant) is dissolved. Diluents can be as a solvent as chemical rather than the solvent extraction sense. In a liquid-liquid extraction process, a diluent also suitable to use.

Diluents have excellent degreasing and antistatic properties therefore they can be used for surface preparation before applying a coating on the surface.

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