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Condition-Based Maintenance (CbM)

Last updated: January 4, 2018

What Does Condition-Based Maintenance (CbM) Mean?

Condition-based maintenance (CbM) refers to a collection of activities, inspections, tests and procedures that are performed in response to the failure or destabilization of equipment, a machine or a material. It focuses on responding to the root causes of machine or material failure, and dealing with those issues after problems occur.


Corrosionpedia Explains Condition-Based Maintenance (CbM)

Condition-based maintenance is performed only when a need arises, typically in response to a deviation from the normal operation of a machine or piece of equipment.

CbM is based on using real-time data trends to optimize maintenance resources. Via continuous monitoring, a computerized system observes the equipment's health, and action is taken only when necessary. It is dependent on the collection of historical data for the component in question. Present conditions of the equipment or material are then continuously compared to a historical baseline. This baseline is used as a point of reference for system upsets.

Challenges of CbM include its high cost, interruptions with production output when performed in a large processing facility and the need for specialized personnel to perform recovery tasks.


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