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Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM)

Definition - What does Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) mean?

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is a maintenance technique that involves monitoring machine condition and predicting machine failure. Many CBM systems are controlled by computers. CBM systems can be used in aircraft as well as other high-tech industries for corrosion detection.

This maintenance strategy aims to:

  • Extend machine life
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower daily operating costs
  • Improve system reliability
  • Decrease number of maintenance operations, causing a reduction of human errors

Unlike periodic maintenance where services are based upon scheduled intervals, CBM relies upon actual machine health to dictate when and what maintenance is required.

Corrosionpedia explains Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM)

Condition-based maintenance is maintenance that occurs when the need arises. This maintenance is performed after one or more indicators show that equipment is going to fail or that equipment performance is deteriorating.

CBM is based on using real-time data to prioritize and optimize maintenance resources. Through condition monitoring, a system determines the equipment's health, and action is taken only when maintenance is actually necessary. Ideally, condition-based maintenance allows maintenance personnel to:

  • Perform only currently needed maintenance
  • Minimize spare part costs
  • Minimize system downtime
  • Reduce time spent on maintenance

Challenges in the use of CBM:

  • Initial cost can be high
  • Invokes a major change in how maintenance is performed, organizational changes
  • Increased number of parts (the CBM installation itself) that need maintenance and checking

Better operations lead to lower production cost and lower use of resources. As systems become more costly, and instrumentation and information systems tend to become cheaper and more reliable, CBM becomes an important tool for running a plant or factory in an optimal manner.

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