Xenon Difluoride

What Does Xenon Difluoride Mean?

Xenon difluoride is a chemical substance with the formula XeF₂. It is a strong fluorinating agent with good molecular stability. Xenon difluoride may cause pitting corrosion of reinforced steel structures in alkaline solutions due to its fluoride ion.


Corrosionpedia Explains Xenon Difluoride

Xenon difluoride is a covalent inorganic fluoride that is responsive to moisture because it degenerates on contact with light or water vapor. In terms of its physical properties, the following are most prominent: high density, white in color, crystalline solid structure, nauseating odor and a low vapor pressure.

In the corrosion process of steel, chlorides and fluorides are able to produce pitting of reinforced steel in alkaline media with a high pH. The precipitation of XeF2 lowers the F concentration below the minimum that generates a pitting corrosion response.

Xenon difluoride is used as a gaseous component for silicon to produce microelectromechanical systems. It may potentially be used as a new class of solid fuels.


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