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Acrylic Binder

Last updated: July 19, 2024

What Does Acrylic Binder Mean?

An acrylic binder is a multi-purpose product, often used to optimize the coating characteristics of a metal's surface for the purpose of protecting the metal against corrosion. Acrylic binders can be used as a glue, paint or spray. However, its primary purpose is to improve adherence of pigments in paint.


Corrosionpedia Explains Acrylic Binder

Acrylic binders are thick, liquid and milky white when wet, yet colorless and transparent when dry.

Typical characteristics of acrylic binders:

  • Occurs in the form of acrylate, styrene-acrylate or styrene-butadiene
  • Structurally a water-borne dispersion
  • Occur as sub-micron-sized particles
  • Film and gloss forming

Acrylic binders are observed in the form of curing, which is performed by coalescence. This allows for binder particles to be fused together as moisture evaporation occurs.


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