Pipe Shoe

Last updated: April 9, 2019

What Does Pipe Shoe Mean?

A pipe shoe is a pipe holding device that is used to raise a pipe above its support structure and is made to withstand the compression stresses that a pipe puts on them. Pipe shoes are round and have a diameter very similar to the pipe that they are holding.


Corrosionpedia Explains Pipe Shoe

Pipe shoes have a geometry that allows the pipeline to be cradled by it. They also have bands or other clamping devices that hold the pipeline after it has been lowered onto the pipe shoe. The base of the pipe shoe is designed with a geometry that excels at resisting compression stresses due to the constant compressive load the pipeline places upon it.

Pipe shoes can be made of materials that are good insulators so that heat will not be transferred to the pipe shoe, or vice versa.

There are several benefits to using a pipe shoe:

  • Easier pipeline installation
  • Lower labor and equipment costs
  • No welding is required, which otherwise can leave a pipeline susceptible to corrosion and weld failure

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