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Guided Wave Testing (GWT)

What Does Guided Wave Testing (GWT) Mean?

Guided wave testing (GWT) refers to a corrosion detection method that uses ultrasonic acoustic signals to search for corrosion-induced damage along the length of a metallic surface such as a pipeline.


Corrosionpedia Explains Guided Wave Testing (GWT)

Guided wave testing (GWT) is nondestructive in the nature of its application. It can be used to inspect significant lengths of metallic pipelines. GWT is conducted by the use of a transducer ring, which is clamped onto the pipeline. Pulsed signals are then introduced, which travel in both directions along the pipeline.

Ultimately, reflected signals from corrosion-induced defects and pipeline features such as welds, bolts and holes are received by the transducer ring and the data is collected and recorded.



Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing

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