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Wind Uplift

Last updated: February 12, 2019

What Does Wind Uplift Mean?

Wind uplift refers to a type of structural failure whereby the roofing component of a building is physically displaced due to a strong wind. This causes the roof to be partially or fully displaced. Wind uplift is more likely to occur in roofs with higher rates of corrosion due to their reduced structural stability.


Corrosionpedia Explains Wind Uplift

Wind uplift can be prevented due to careful structural design and maintenance activities on the roof prior to installation and any subsequent wind exposure. Such activities include:

  • Using restoration coatings to generate fully adhered systems
  • Reducing seams in systems design, which can decrease the rate of wind penetration
  • Selecting design factors to calculate wind uplift pressures, including:
    • I – Low risk to human life in the event of failure, such as agricultural storage buildings
    • II – Structures not covered by categories I, III or IV
    • III – Substantial risk to human life in the event of a failure, such as schools and arenas
    • IV – Essential facilities, such as shelters and hospitals

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