Aluminum Nitrate

Definition - What does Aluminum Nitrate mean?

Aluminum nitrate is a salt of nitric acid and aluminium and is soluble in water. It is in the form of a white color substance having the chemical formula as Al(NO3)3. This compound is found as a crystalline solid or as a powder form. At standard temperature and pressure conditions, Aluminum nitrate exists usually in the solid form.

Corrosionpedia explains Aluminum Nitrate

Aluminum nitrate is one of the widely used compounds. One of the most important use of aluminium nitrate is found in the corrosion inhibitors i.e. in the prevention of corrosion to the industrial processes and equipment. Aluminium Nitrate act as an oxidizing agent.

Some physical properties of aluminum nitrate are as follows:

  • Molar mass or Molecular Weight - In Anhydrous condition, its molar mass is 212.996 g/mol and in non-anhydrous condition, its molar mass is 375.134 g/mol.
  • Density - 1.401 gram per cubic cm.
  • Melting point - In Anhydrous condition, its melting point is 63 degree Celsius and in non-anhydrous condition, it is 74 degree Celsius.
  • Boiling point - In non-anhydrous condition, its boiling point is 135°C (275°F)
  • This compond is soluble in most of the liquids
  • It is Odorless.

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