Epoxy-Based Mortar

Last updated: July 15, 2019

What Does Epoxy-Based Mortar Mean?

Epoxy-based mortar is a polymer-based bonding paste used in agglomerate installation in the construction industry. The paste is a mixture of materials such as epoxy resins, solvent, binder, mineral fillers and some additives in certain measurements depending on the desired properties after curing. It is used as an adhesive and paste for structural repair. It can also be used to fill gaps, cracks and vents in driveways, patios and plazas. In setting tasks, it is used for tile installation where sealers are not required.


Corrosionpedia Explains Epoxy-Based Mortar

The epoxy-based mortar has thixotropic properties and other qualities such as:

  • High strength and hardness after curing
  • Provides good adhesion to construction material
  • They are easy to mix and apply; it also cures faster, even in dump surroundings (synthetic resin)
  • They have improved fluid permeability resistance; it is also stain-resistant
  • They have improved abrasion, impact and chemical resistance
  • Provides a range of color mix
  • They provide non-sag and non-slip features

The premium properties are achieved by the type of formula used to produce the mortar. They are available in parts or components, where the common ones are two-part epoxy-based mortars (hardener and resin). However, it is expensive as compared to cement-mortar, but it provides top-notch performance in the end. Different formulas are used by the available brands; therefore, there is no fixed formula for this product. It prolongs the life of structures.


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