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Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting (UHP Water Jetting)

Last updated: July 15, 2019

What Does Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting (UHP Water Jetting) Mean?

Ultra high pressure water jetting is a material surface cleaning process that uses water propelled at a high velocity to remove contaminants and other debris. The force of the fast-moving water as it hits a material's surface is powerful enough to remove unwanted layers of old coatings, which in turn prepares the surface for subsequent operations such as applying primers and paints.


Corrosionpedia Explains Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting (UHP Water Jetting)

Ultra high pressure water jetting forces water out of a water jetting gun at high velocities. Pumps in the jetting system obtain water from a reservoir and place it under pressure in specially designed hoses that go from the reservoir to the exit orifice of the gun. A trigger mechanism on the water jetting gun opens and closes a valve. When the valve is open the pressurized water is released and projected at the material's surface.

Ultra high pressure water jetting can be used to remove debris on a variety of surfaces. Polymers, wood, concrete, steel pipes, copper statues and aluminum extrusions can all be cleaned by ultra high pressure water jetting. It should be noted, however, that care must be taken to adjust the pressure according to the material being cleaned. The water pressure that is required for cleaning steel pipes will be much different from the pressure for cleaning wood surfaces.

Ultra high pressure water jetting is most often used to clean substrates prior to coating, because without surface preparation, coatings can often fail prematurely.

Ultra high pressure water jetting holds several advantages over other types of cleaning processes. Ultra high pressure water jetting does not use hazardous chemicals, and abrasive media blasting can cause residual solids to accumulate, creating an disorderly work environment.

Despite these advantages, the recovery system for the water is important because some surface debris can be hazardous to the environment and may need to be contained and disposed of in accordance with environmental laws.


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