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Glazing Compound

Last updated: July 19, 2024

What Does Glazing Compound Mean?

A glazing compound is a type of product that is used to fit glass panes in order to create a seal to keep water from entering into the infrastructure and corroding steel materials. Glazing is defined as the process in which glass panes are fitted into a window. In sealing the windows, a glazing compound—also known as glazing putty—is applied.


Corrosionpedia Explains Glazing Compound

A glazing compound is always used whenever a glass pane is to be fitted into a window. The primary purpose of using a glazing compound is that it provides a tight seal between the window glass and the surfaces around which the glass is fitted. This compound is generally sticky in nature and is gradually skinned over the day after application so that a paint coat can be applied easily on it. One of the best properties of this compound is that once skinned, it remains flexible enough, which allows wooden frames to expand or contract, thereby ensuring that the tight seal is not broken.



Glazing Putty

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