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Last updated: November 17, 2016

What Does Setaflash Mean?

This is a standard and portable instrument used to test the flash points of different flammable fuel (liquids or semi-solids) samples in less than two minutes over a given temperature range.

It is used to determine the flash point temperatures of flammable liquids so that safety can be enhanced in terms of storage, transportation and handling of these liquids. Advanced setaflash equipment can be used to test corrosive samples.


Corrosionpedia Explains Setaflash

The setaflash consists of a digital display to provide the temperature results, a device to fuel the test flame and a chamber just below the fire assembly. The design of the instrument is automated and consists of control systems.

The use of the setaflash testing equipment is based on the probability of a flammable liquid to form vapor and combine with air at a certain low temperature to form a combustible mixture.

To determine this low temperature, one inputs the assumed flash point temperature and the shutter time (auto and ramp mode is also provided). The sample chamber/cup is first heated to the input flash point temperature. Then the sample liquid is added into the chamber.

When the time is reached, the flame is placed closer to the sample liquid. A flash will be established if the input temperature is above the flash point of the liquid, a non-flash result will occur when the temperature is below the flash temperature. Therefore, setaflash provides the fastest method of determining the flash point of any flammable liquid.


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