Legacy Coating System

Last updated: July 15, 2015

What Does Legacy Coating System Mean?

This is a coating technique or process that is provided by Legacy that aims at providing a durable and safe surface protection. This defines the steps and the coating products to be used accordingly to produce the desired expectations. This means that it defines the application of multiple coats to meet the desired strength to curb corrosion and other external surface attacks. This coating method is mostly used in tanks.


Corrosionpedia Explains Legacy Coating System

Under normal circumstances, the coating system follows surface inspection and surface preparation. Legacy provides advanced solvent-based and solid-based coats that include primers, flakes, base coats, and also tools that are essential when applying these coats.

The Legacy coating system is used in the military; hence it provides durable and protective surfaces. Following the right procedure is the only reasonable action toward producing uniform coatings. Different manufacturers have different modes of applying the coating based on their product design.

In the case of multiple coatings, the knowledge of the various combinations from Legacy will lead you to achieve the actual results depending on the conditions of your surface. The system also helps you to customize your surface by letting you decide on the type of color you prefer. The system you choose will provide you with protection against corrosion, while improving the aesthetic value of your substrate.


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