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Rebar Corrosion

Last updated: July 19, 2024

What Does Rebar Corrosion Mean?

Rebar corrosion occurs when chloride ions migrate to concrete material like steel bars. It is a type of corrosion that occurs in most highway bridges. These structures are usually constructed with rebar that is reinforced by steel throughout the support structures.

The best way to halt the process is the use of cathodic protection through zinc oxide acting as the anode.


Corrosionpedia Explains Rebar Corrosion

Reinforced concrete refers to any composite material wherein the low ductility and strength of the concrete are countered by the addition of reinforcement with more advanced ductility and tensile strength.

Typically, the reinforcement is rebar, or steel reinforcement bars that are passively embedded within the concrete before it actually sets. Reinforcing techniques are formulated to make materials protected from tensile stresses present in certain concrete regions that may be susceptible to corrosion, structural breakdown or cracking.

In some cases, rebar concrete or steels are stressed permanently to enhance the overall condition of the final construction, especially when subjected in working loads. In order for reinforcement to be free from corrosion or damage, it should have the following properties:

  • Superior relative strength
  • High tensile strain tolerance
  • Good bondage regardless of factors such as moisture and pH
  • Compatibility with changing temperatures
  • Concrete environment durability

Adequate protection from corrosion can be achieved by using anticorrosion or protective products that can sustain the integrity of structures and decrease the possibility of rebar corrosion. Such products can also prevent other factors associated with deterioration or cracking.

One of the main culprits in rebar corrosion is water penetration, which can lead to rust stains and deterioration as well as other aesthetic and structural problems. Therefore, using products that promote a barrier while maintaining strength can be very beneficial to fight rebar corrosion.


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