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Tafel Plot

Last updated: September 25, 2018

What Does Tafel Plot Mean?

A Tafel plot is a graphical plot (usually logarithmic) showing the relationship between the current generated in an electrochemical cell and the electrode potential of a specific metal. These plots are usually generated based on electrochemical experiments performed under controlled conditions.

Tafel plots are used by electrochemists to predict specific corrosion-related information including corrosion rate, passivity and pitting vulnerability.


Corrosionpedia Explains Tafel Plot

Traditional methods of studying and predicting corrosion rates, such as weight loss analyses, are usually a long-term affair. Electrochemical techniques, like the Tafel equation and Tafel plots, are quickly gaining popularity due to the speed at which results can be attained. Compared to conventional corrosion studies, which may take days or weeks to complete, Tafel plots obtained from electrochemical experiments can be used to achieve results in a few hours. Tafel plots are especially useful for predicting corrosion activity in metals or alloys that are highly corrosion resistant.



Tafel Slope, Tafel Equation

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