Warren Brand

Warren Brand holds an undergraduate degree in Journalism and a Master’s in Business Administrations in Entrepreneurship. He worked in every aspect, and eventually owned, an industrial coating company for more than 20 years and is currently an industry leader holding an SSPC-PCS (Protective Coating Specialist), a NACE 3 inspector’s certification and is currently a contributing editor and blogger for the industry’s leading technical publication, JPCL (Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings) both domestically and in Europe. 

He owns Chicago Corrosion Group, a technical consulting firm, W Brand Consulting, a business development firm focusing on the paint and coatings industry; and is creator and owner of Engineered Corrosion Solutions, a Midwest technical conference on corrosion. He is also an avid martial artist, focusing primarily on combat arts and teaches Combat Ju Jutsu at a Northwestern University club.

Recent Articles by Warren Brand

The Ugliest Coating System You’ve Never Seen

The coating, for all intents and purposes, was perfect. But if this work were to be done today, with a third-party inspector onsite, it would not be approved.

Public Institutions' Corrosion Prevention Efforts Leave a Lot to Be Desired

The Illinois Department of Transportation (and, most likely, countless other DOTs around the country) waste time and money on their corrosion protection for bridges, when there are much simpler, cost-effective solutions.