Osmay Oharriz, Ch.E., M.Sc.

Oil & Gas Industry Manager, Belzona Inc.

A chemical engineer and Master in Engineering Sciences by profession, Osmay Oharriz has 8 years’ experience in the coatings industry. In his role as Oil and Gas Manager, he works with Belzona colleagues, asset owners, engineering firms, contractors, and fabricators in the oil and gas industry across all of the Americas. He has authored several technical articles and conference presentations.

A current member of NACE International, Oharriz’ background spans technical service, manufacturing, research, specification development, failure analysis, and project management. With special expertise in oil and gas, he contributes his knowledge to other industries, such as marine, waste water, and power.

Recent Articles by Osmay Oharriz, Ch.E., M.Sc.

Choosing a Fit-for-Service Lining System for Process Vessels

Most process vessels in the oil and gas industry are constructed from carbon steel, which corrodes under harsh chemical, heat and pressure environments. Choosing a fitting protective vessel lining system involves meeting several industry requirements.

Introduction to Managing Internal Corrosion in Process Vessels

Oil and gas process vessels are commonly subjected to aggressive chemicals and elevated levels of temperature and pressure. Those who manage these challenging assets must consider many factors in controlling internal corrosion.

Review of Solvent-Free Epoxy Protection for Secondary Containment Concrete

Liquid hazardous materials must be stored in such a way that if a spill or leak occurs, the material stays contained and does not contaminate the surrounding environment. Secondary containment areas are designed for such a purpose.