Webinar: Microbial Corrosion (MIC) for Onshore Pipeline Assets

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Mark Stout



Mark Stout is the CEO of Apollo Energies Inc and has been an energy efficiency consultant for 14 years. By conducting a holistic commercial energy audit and managing the resultant upgrade, Stout can help companies become carbon-free. He sees becoming carbon-free as a strategic investment versus a costly capital expense. Through the various incentives available to all businesses, Stout shows how the return on investment can add up to be more than the capital expenditure. Mark also helps companies become ESG reporting. To that end, Mark focuses his attention on GHG Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 and uses the energy audits to help create a baseline for improvements, providing tangible results for an ESG report. Mark has a background in construction, telecommunication, information technology, and building science. Mark focuses mainly on the multifamily and commercial sectors and holds several certifications in energy efficiency, building science, and lighting technologies.

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