Mahmoud Elmahdy

Senior cathodic protection engineer working at Petroleum Pipelines Co., Egypt. I have a B.SC. of electrical power engineering from Banha university, Egypt. I am interested in being familiar with codes and standards related to my field. I like sharing my knowledge with other.
Recent Articles by Mahmoud Elmahdy

Corrosion and Electrical Interference in Buried Metallic Structures

Electrical interference is a threat that accelerates corrosion in buried metallic structures such as pipelines, tanks and vessels. Interference sources include cathodic protection systems, DC traction, HVDC systems and welding machines.

Practical Techniques for Cathodic Protection Potential Measurement

In order to determine the adequacy of a cathodic protection system applied on a certain structure, its polarized potential has to be measured. Here, we discuss the practical techniques that can be used to measure the structure's polarized potential.

An Overview of Cathodic Protection Potential Measurement

Learn about cathodic protection potential measurement, a method used to determine the adequacy of a cathodic protection system by comparing the measured potential with certain criteria.