Louis D. Vincent

Owner, L.D. “Lou” Vincent PHD LLC

Renowned corrosion-industry author and teacher, Lou Vincent has 57 years’ experience in the coatings industry. Lou co-authored the third edition of “Corrosion Prevention by Protective Coatings,” by Charles G. Munger, and authored “The Protective Coatings User’s Handbook” and “The Marine Coating User’s Handbook,” reference manuals that have influenced corrosion professionals for decades.

A past president of NACE International, Vincent’s deep background spans sales, marketing, technical service, manufacturing, research, development, failure analysis, and consulting, and executive positions with several international coatings manufacturers. He currently specializes in failure analysis, specifications development, condition surveys, and expert witness testimony in the field of protective and marine coatings. Since 1958, he has published more than 80 papers and articles in industry journals. Lou has received the Distinguished Service Award and the Brannon Award from NACE, in recognition of outstanding leadership in the corrosion industry.
Recent Articles by Louis D. Vincent

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Rarely does a coating fail because of only one contributing factor. Rather, it is usually two or more factors working in conjunction that cause a coating to fail on a particular site, when that same coating has performed as expected on other sites.