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Jeff Stern


Jeff Stern has a long history in the oil and gas sector, specifically within the corrosion and abrasion market. He has experience working as an owner/operator or in a senior executive management position in several manufacturing and application companies, including Maaco Auto Painting Bodyworks, Endura Paint Manufacturing, PPG Canada Inc - Architectural Industrial Coatings Division, Altus Energy Services Ltd. (formerly CSI Coating Systems), Momentum Industrial Coatings Ltd and Fuller Western Rubber Linings Ltd. Most recently, he's worked as the Senior VP of Corporate Development Co-founder of Corrosion and Abrasion Solutions Ltd (CASL). In these roles, Jeff has provided his leadership and technical expertise to develop and implement performance goals for a specific division and for the organization as a whole.

Jeff has also been successful in researching and developing a number of products which were later brought to market. He is a National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Level One Certified Coatings Inspector and holds several board positions within NACE. His depth of knowledge in the paint and coatings market is exemplary and his business know-how is instrumental in determining the appropriate business strategy for the company in order to improve labour and material efficiencies, enhance customer service and strengthen business development efforts.

In his spare time Jeff enjoys traveling with his Wife and two Daughters and refuses to give up golfing in hopes of one day hitting the fairway with his driver.
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