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Ian MacMoy

Product Design Specialist, Dox Steel


Ian MacMoy is a technical speaker, expert witness, and committee member for NACE, ASTM and API, involved in standards development surrounding safety and integrity of fasteners and the coatings used to protect them.

With more than a decade of experience working as a coatings applicator and formulator, MacMoy has seasoned experience in mitigating fastener failure in utility, oil & gas, refining, pipeline, chemical processing, and offshore rig environments. He is well versed in electrochemical processes, hydrogen embrittlement, torque and tensile stress, and chemical, mechanical and metallurgical adhesion.

In his current role at Dox Steel, MacMoy works with a team of engineers in designing innovative fastener coating solutions that comply with current ASTM, ASME, and API standard protocols. For the past three years he has been campaigning within the corrosion and regulatory communities to bring to light the ongoing gap between best practices and current field practices regarding application of bolt coatings. A catalyst for change, MacMoy is committed to educating the community in how to improve bolt safety, reduce risks associated with loss of containment, and lower facility maintenance costs.

Articles by Ian MacMoy

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