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The Alchemist’s Guide to Coatings: Transmuting Challenges Into Opportunities With Advanced Testing Kits


Denis Baker, Eng.

Special Projects Engineer, Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd


Denis Baker has been with Rhino Linings for more than 7 years overseeing major projects, and supplying technical information, specification, and coating details to the Rhino Linings Australasian Dealer network and their customers. Denis has significant experience to call on in his engineering role at Rhino Linings. He spent 27 years based in Victoria as an Aircraft Ground & Flight Test Engineer and Project Manager in the Australian aeronautical industry. He is a passionate advocate of engineering skills and what they can bring to the community, and regularly presents at seminars, customer briefings, and training activities.

Articles by Denis Baker, Eng.

  • Flexible Coatings for Protection of Marine Structures

    Both abrasive and corrosive, the marine environment is unforgiving of maritime structures such as offshore platforms and rigs, and ocean-going vessels – all of which are major investments for the companies operating them....

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