David Shong

David Shong is the Senior Western Specification Representative for Industrial Insulation Group (IIG LLC). He has spent his entire career in the construction materials industry and developed an early passion for insulation. David’s role involves providing educational assistance to owners, EPC firms, consulting engineers, facility maintenance personnel and mechanical contractors regarding the benefits and design guidelines in specifying mid to high temperature industrial pipe and vessel insulation. He is primarily responsible for Western United States and Canada, but is always happy to engage with anyone that would like to discuss industrial insulation applications.
Recent Articles by David Shong

Expanded Perlite Insulation: Why Hydrophobicity is Only Part of the Solution to Prevent CUI

This article, brought to you by David Shong and Jack Bittner, highlights the limitations of a hydrophobic-only approach to prevent corrosion under insulation.

What Hot Summer Days Mean For Your Insulated Piping Systems

Summertime can create specific challenges for your insulated piping system. Extreme temperature swings can have a significant impact on the expected surface temperatures of hot piping systems, which can increase the potential for skin-contact injuries.