Webinar: Microbial Corrosion (MIC) for Onshore Pipeline Assets

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CorrView International, LLC has been involved in the field of corrosion control and ultrasonic testing since 1981. Since 1981, CorrView has conducted 821 formal ultrasonic investigations involving 75 different categories of piping systems from condenser and chill water, to domestic water, to fire protection.

CorrView has investigated 2,047 separate piping systems, addressed 41,009 individual sections of pipe, and has taken 2,230,892 for record thickness measurements - over 6,134,953 thickness measurements in all. Their findings have saved clients tens of millions of dollars by both predicting and preventing failures in time to effect repairs, as well as by retaining good quality pipe for future service. In those cases where CorrView identified fire protection systems with sufficient iron oxide rust deposits to completely stop water flow, lives may have been saved.

Articles by Corrview .com

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