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Chip Edwards and Tommy Precht of Allan Edwards Inc

Pipeline operations and maintenance


Allan “Chip” Edwards, IV, fourth-generation president of the family-owned-and-operated Allan Edwards, quite literally grew up in the pipeline world. A born and raised pipeliner, he enjoys a diverse skill set, having spent 10 years working up through the ranks of the company before ultimately becoming crew superintendent and later, president of Allan Edwards. His unique abilities as a pragmatic, out-of-the-box thinker have enabled him to not only successfully run his family’s business into its 73rd year, but turn it on its heels and modernize it. Championing new product development, a future-orientated mindset and a culture that embraces change, Chip Edwards is steering his company into a promising future.

Tommy Precht has enjoyed over 26 years of world-wide experience in the pipeline industry, specifically in construction as well as the composite repair space of pipeline repair. His knowledge base includes all facets of operations from manufacturing and research & development to pipeline repair and field testing. Tommy's passion lies in connecting with pipeline customers and providing them with products and solutions that troubleshoot their toughest issues, something which he engages in daily as a sales representative for Allan Edwards.

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