Britney Taylor, C.E.

Corrosion Pipeline Integrity Engineer 

Britney Taylor is a civil engineer by education and has spent the last 5 years working as a professional in the pipeline and corrosion mitigation design and integrity assessment business. She spent over 7 years working for operators and has just recently started consulting work for Campos EPC (a Denver-based engineering, procurement, and construction company), where she hopes to help grow their corrosion consulting services while obtaining her professional engineering license. 

She currently holds her NACE CP-2 and is a NACE-sponsored graduate of the Emerging Leaders Alliance. She is slated to present at the NACE Pipeline Integrity Conference in Quito in 2015. Britney’s stalwart commitment to the principles of corrosion prevention and her strong desire to educate, lead, and positively influence others to have a proactive approach to pipeline integrity makes her a widely respected professional in her field.
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