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Andy Hoffman

Product Manager, Tnemec Company Inc.


As Product Manager of Insulation and Specialty Products with Tnemec Company Inc., Andy Hoffman is responsible for new product development, management of specialty high-performance systems, and coordination of their enhancements and application. His primary focus is overseeing the growth of innovative coatings for Tnemec, especially serving a pivotal role in developing the Aerolon brand, and he is well versed on the insulation market and the attributes of different insulative products. Hoffman holds a Bachelors of Business Administration as well as a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

Articles by Andy Hoffman

  • Combating Wet Insulation and CUI with Aerogel Coatings

    To learn more about aerogel coating systems check out the Insulating Coatings Powered by Aerogel Particles webinar presented by Andy Hoffman.. Moisture as a Cause of CUI Moisture is one of the major factors to consider when...

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