Thermion Inc. was established as a arc spray equipment manufacturer in 1982 and has enjoyed continual growth as our equipment has evolved into the most reliable High Production Arc Spray Equipment being used today around the world.

The Precision Arc series high production metallizing system uses our “low energy high deposition” technology to spray large diameter (3/16, 4.8 mm) wires at over 600 amps. This ability has produced production rates 40% greater than our previous technology. As a result, the cost of metallizing has been significantly reduced and is now being specified more than ever when life cycle cost are considered.

AVD technology is Thermion’s latest technological breakthrough. AVD or Arc Voltage Drive simply means the arc voltage created between the wires actually drives the drive motor. Its intelligent design increases or decreases the motor speed to maintain a perfect arc all the time without the operator ever even knowing it. Coupling the AVD technology with a Jet Force Head, which is a closed nozzle system, one is able to achieve superior high quality, engineered and wear resistant coatings. This next generation twin arc spray system is getting a lot of attention industry wide as its coating qualities rival those coatings of both plasma and HVOF.

Along with standard large and small diameter corrosion wires Thermion also carries a plethora of engineered coating materials ranging from bronze, nickel, stainless and tungsten carbide to name a few. Recently Thermion’s patented TH604, (a SafTrax nonskid product), has gotten worldwide recognition as the only non skid that can stand up to the harsh rigors aboard the US Navy’s fleet. This unique thermal spray non-skid material is a dual duty coating offering both sacrificial corrosion protection from its aluminum matrix and extreme wear resistance from the ceramic oxides within it.

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