Thermal Spray Systems

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Thermion Inc. was established as a arc spray equipment manufacturer in 1982 and has enjoyed continual growth as our equipment has evolved into the most reliable High Production Arc Spray Equipment being used today around the world.The Precision Arc series high production metallizing system uses our...Learn More
In 1995, IMC was formed and quickly became a name synonymous with high speed metalizing. IMC did not invent arc thermal spray, we perfected it.For over a century, the long term benefits of metalizing have been known and proven, but little used for large scale applications. Previously the process...Learn More
Ultramet CPT (Corrosion Protection Technologies) focuses on producing the most corrosion resistant surfaces available to eliminate corrosion from high value assets. We achieve this through Ultramet CPT’s unique technology that diffuses and grows tantalum metal into and on top of standard process...Learn More
We are a worldwide distributor of thermal spray metalizing equipment. We provide customers with our own TMS branded arc spray equipment as well as a wide variety of Metallisation, Ltd. arc spray, flame spray, plasma spray, and HVOF equipment. We can help you select the correct thermal spray...Learn More

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