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Magnum Energy Services is a leader in the Media Blasting and Industrial Coatings service Industry.With a fleet of custom built state of the art blasting rigs, coating trailers and other specialty equipment; such as dry-vac units, indirect fired heaters, dehumidifiers, generators and more; Magnum...Learn More
Thermion Inc. was established as a arc spray equipment manufacturer in 1982 and has enjoyed continual growth as our equipment has evolved into the most reliable High Production Arc Spray Equipment being used today around the world.The Precision Arc series high production metallizing system uses our...Learn More
Founded in Wolverhampton in 1946 by the family of the current owners, the Anochrome Group is the UK’s largest independent metal finishing company.Offering a diverse array of coatings and applications across all industrial sectors, its roots lie firmly in the anti-corrosion, functional and...Learn More
AZZ Inc. (NYSE:AZZ) was established in 1956 and is headquartered in Fort Worth, TX. AZZ is a specialty electrical equipment manufacturer and provider of highly engineered services to the global markets of power generation, transmission, distribution and industrial as well as a leading provider of...Learn More
Almost one hundred years ago, on April 24, 1916, to be precise, the company that would grow into Engineered Materials Solutions was founded to meet the needs of the nearby jewelry industry for specialty clad metals. Named General Plate Company, its products offered a surface of precious metal, for...Learn More
In 1995, IMC was formed and quickly became a name synonymous with high speed metalizing. IMC did not invent arc thermal spray, we perfected it.For over a century, the long term benefits of metalizing have been known and proven, but little used for large scale applications. Previously the process...Learn More
Metaltech Service Center, Inc. is a stainless, nickel alloy, and alloy steel service center. Nickel alloy inventory consists of Alloy 400 plate through 3-in thick and Alloy C-276 plate through 2-in thick. Our 300, 400, 17-4ph, and Duplex 2205 grades consist of plate, sheet, round bar, and other...Learn More
For over 200 years, our reputation for unsurpassed quality and customer service has made The Platt Brothers & Company a major source for zinc, zinc alloy and other non-ferrous products used for the protection of pipelines, bridges, research facilities, military applications, thermal spray, fuse...Learn More
Tantaline is the world’s leading producer of tantalum surface alloys for process engineering equipment in hot acid environments. Through our innovative tantalum vapor technology, we deliver the most corrosion resistant material commercially available today through the use of tantalum, one of the...Learn More
Ultramet CPT (Corrosion Protection Technologies) focuses on producing the most corrosion resistant surfaces available to eliminate corrosion from high value assets. We achieve this through Ultramet CPT’s unique technology that diffuses and grows tantalum metal into and on top of standard process...Learn More
ZRC Worldwide has been recognized as the world's leader in zinc coating technology for over 50 years. ZRC's quality system is registered to the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001 standards for the design and manufacture of corrosion resistant coatings.
Liquidmetal® Technologies is a leading force in the research, development and commercialization of amorphous metals. Our revolutionary class of patented alloys and processes form the basis of high performance materials in a broad range of medical, military, consumer, industrial, and sporting goods...Learn More
We are a worldwide distributor of thermal spray metalizing equipment. We provide customers with our own TMS branded arc spray equipment as well as a wide variety of Metallisation, Ltd. arc spray, flame spray, plasma spray, and HVOF equipment. We can help you select the correct thermal spray...Learn More
Since 1890, Duncan Galvanizing, located in Everett, MA (just outside of Boston) has enjoyed a reputation as one of the finest hot dip galvanizing companies in the United States. Today, we're the recognized leader in full-service architectural metal coatings. We provide the most effective form of...Learn More
For more than 50 years, Watson Grinding & MFG. has reliably provided precision machined parts, thermal spray coatings and grinding services to the largest companies in the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Mining industries. Our extensive experience gives us an understanding of our customers’ unique needs...Learn More
For over 70 years, A&A Coatings has provided thermal spray coatings and applications to a long list of satisfied customers. We have always been at the forefront of the thermal spray coating, and thermal spray application industry. We specialize in thermal spraying and application on metal, ceramic,...Learn More

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