SAE, Inc.

In practice, SAE Inc. takes on the tough grounding, AC mitigation and cathodic protection assignments to provide the creative solutions needed to help our clients protect their infrastructure from lightning, electrical interference and corrosion.Since 1990, SAE Inc. has provided its clients with effective solutions to grounding and related challenges. The experience thus gained solving technical problems has led SAE Inc. to develop a number of unique products, tailored specifically to the types of challenges faced by our clients. This in turn has allowed us to provide even more effective and cost-efficient solutions, with strong performance and financial benefits. SAE is now making its industry leading products available to wider domestic and international markets. Incorporating our advanced chemical technologies and product philosophy, SAE proposes nothing less than to introduce a new level of performance and new ways of thinking into our traditional markets sectors!In addition, with recent growth in our design and project services capabilities, SAE Inc. is now able to offer our clients full turnkey, EFI (Engineer, Furnish and Install) services, further reducing the financial and physical risks for our clients, simplifying the deployment of effective solutions and increasing our value-added proposition to the industrial sectors in which we work.

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19 Churchill Drive
Barrie , Ontario , L4N 8Z5

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