National Environmental Corrosion Platform

National Environmental Corrosion Platform (NECP) is a nonprofit, public-serving research institute founded by the Ministry of Science & Technology of China in 1950s. With the continuous support from National Science & Technology Infrastructure, NECP has been dedicated in R&D and data sharing related to environmental corrosion and has today become a nationwide leading organization consisting of more than 300 corrosion experts across China. NECP provides comprehensive expertise and services in the field of corrosion and corrosion control, covering field exposure tests, corrosion data accumulation and sharing, corrosion and environment monitoring, failure analysis, material and equipment life assessment, accelerated evaluation methods, guidelines for materials selection, structural design and corrosion protection technology for different environments, and more. Our customers are from a wide range of industries such as petrochemical, electric power, electronics, machinery, iron and steel, ships and offshore structures, aerospace and railway transportation. NECP has one R&D center and 30 field research stations geographically across China, including 15 atmospheric stations, 7 water stations and 8 soil stations, covering an area of 120 acres in total. NECP has invested ~270 million RMB to built world-class facilities with over 1,600 corrosion analysis equipment. So far, NECP has performed long-term corrosion tests of 654 types of materials (ferrous materials, nonferrous materials, polymers, construction materials and coatings), a total of 140,000 specimens, under various environments. From these tests, five databases was established, including basic corrosion database, environmental monitoring database, materials analysis database, corrosion analysis database and corrosion mapping database. And over 4 million data (e.g. corrosion rate, environmental factors) and 10,000 corrosion morphology images were recorded and shared. In 2012, NECP launched its official website Since then, data from our environmental corrosion tests are shared online to serve a greater public. At NECP, we believe the cost of corrosion can be minimized by sharing our efforts, resources and expertise.

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