MPR Services

MPR Services, Inc. has been providing reclamation services for the past 21 years and is the leader in serving oil refining, gas processing, petrochemical, synthesis gas, and steel industry. Our technologies are utilized in removing contaminants from amine, solvent,glycol and sulfolane systems. MPR offers several contaminant removal processes to alleviate foaming,corrosion, solids, degradation, plugging, and capacity problems. MPR provides direct support and monitoring through highly skilled, well trained operations and MPR’s laboratory. MPR's patented Heat Stable Salt Removal Process uses ion exchange related technology to remove acetates, formates, thiocyanates, glycolates, chlorides, sulfates, thiosulfates, and other anions that accumulate in the amines from incursion or degradation. MPR treats millions of gallons of amines, solvents and glycols on a daily basis in refineries, gas plants and related industries to keep their gas treating capabilities at design levels. A Clean amine or glycol system is the least expensive and most productive in terms of meeting on spec goals. MPR offers a Clear Solution to solvent optimization!

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