Life Last

LifeLast: It’s In The Name

Established in 1988 in Vancouver Washington, USA, LifeLast specializes in formulating and manufacturing high performance, 100% solids polyurethane protective linings and coatings for a variety of industrial applications. Our earliest applications are still performing well today and we expect them to for many years to come.

Since 2004, LifeLast DuraShield 210 and 210-61 have been applied to over 100 miles of steel pipe for hydroelectric penstocks, water and wastewater transmission and treatment with pipe ranging in diameter from 4 inches to over 15 feet, and lengths from 20-60 feet. Check out our 20+ years of case histories.

Our Philosophy: Offering Sustainable Solutions

LifeLast chose to specialize in polyurethane protective coatings based on our keen desire to build lasting, sustainable solutions and take green technology to the next level by using bio-based raw materials. With no volatile organic compounds (VOC) or solvents, LifeLast DuraShield and DuraGard polyurethanes are not only environmentally friendly, they’re people-friendly too. No more toxic fumes for those applying the coatings, whether shop or field, sprayed, brushed or troweled. Durability is part of sustainability, too. Independent tests show LifeLast polyurethane coatings are expected to stand the test of time, providing corrosion protection for 50+ years, even in the harshest environments.

Driving Professional Standards and Education

We actively participate on industry standard setting boards. LifeLast President Jeff Buratto, is the Chairman of the Linings and Coatings Group for the Steel Water Pipe Manufacturer Technical Advisory Committee (SWPMTAC), a technical group that prepares steel pipe standards for the American Water Works Association (AWWA). LifeLast is a regular educational presenter for engineering groups and owners throughout North America, and is a driving force in evaluating and relating industry standards to the markets in which we serve.

System Design Challenges? Let’s Partner

We’re more than manufacturers, we’re partners. Consider us an extension of your team, committed to your success. We’re protective coating experts and ready and able to answer your questions, not just take your order. We’ll listen, carefully analyze and creatively approach your application solution.


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