Creative Polymers

At our previous company we were provided composite systems and coating technology to most of the major theme parks such as Disney, Epcot, Bush Garden, Universal Studios and Sea World. Our patented systems provided the theme parks new technology and were used to produce Architectural Elements, Ancient themes, building facades, underwater coral, water park rides as well as tree/rock formations. In Los Vegas, back in the 1990’s, there was a building surge of themed Casino Hotels. The hotels were elaborately designed and required large architectural elements sprayed with a plastic spray composite that cured in 15 seconds then finished with architectural finished, provided unlimited design options to architects to produce big and dramatic effects on the Casinos. Our system was used on the MGM, Luxor, Treasure Island, Venetian and Bellagio. We were involved in the five year production of the Lord of the Rings project. Weta Workshop – a young but innovative company in New Zealand – was chosen to work on this huge movie production, but they were not initially up to speed on the fabrication technology to produce thousands of props for the battles, the architectural sets, the rock formations and the animated trees. We provided them the fabrication technology and technics, composite sytems that cured in 15 seconds and theming technics. These factors allowed Weta to produce award winning results.Rock and tree formations were typically produced out of concrete or fiberglass systems. We developed patented systems from polyurethane plastic and coating technology that provided new methods in replicating these types of applications that provided new methods and technology in the replication of rock and tree formations.

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