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Pipeline Integrity Resources, Inc. (PIR) has earned a reputation as one of the Gulf Coast’s leading providers of corrosion control solutions for pipelines, tanks and energy facilities. It’s a reputation – and a job – we take very seriously. With a strong regional presence and an experienced team of...Learn More
Our experienced Mechanical and Material Engineers restore piping using composite technology in accordance with ASME, ISO and ASTM standards. We offer solutions for structural reinforcement, leak repair as well as corrosion prevention. Pipe Wrap® is the only engineering company that offers a wide...Learn More
PK Technology designs mobile solutions that resolve the complex issues in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. That’s our strength—whether integrating with an established system or starting a new one, our mobile solutions provide efficient and effective ways of managing tasks...but in the...Learn More
Polycorp Protective Linings specializes in the engineering and production of uncured elastomeric compounds for your corrosive and abrasive service conditions. Our lining solutions are used to protect rail and trucktanks, holding vessels, processing equipment, and piping. Our customers benefit from...Learn More
Polyset is a technology-driven materials company with a philosophy of designing exceptional resin systems to meet the needs of the customer by maximizing the performance of the product within the cost parameters of the project. Polyset is a market leader within its product areas of focus. Most...Learn More
Pond’s industry-leading integrity and compliance management (ICM) group specializes in providing a wide array of integrity and compliance management services to the DoD, oil and gas, energy, and water markets. By nature, our focus on client responsiveness yields exceptional quality and unbeatable...Learn More
Praxair Surface Technologies is a leading global supplier of surface-enhancing processes and materials and an innovator in thermal spray, electroplating, diffusion, and high-performance slurry coatings. We produce and apply metallic and ceramic coatings that protect critical components from a...Learn More
QPS Engineering, LLC, (QPSE) provides project management, engineering, integrity services, procurement, field services, environmental services, survey and construction services (working with other Quanta construction companies) for pipeline, associated oil and gas production and processing...Learn More
Our business is the development and delivery of improved rehabilitative solutions that extend the useful life of pressurized pipeline systems, whether subterranean or an elevated installation. Our specialty is developing technologies that deliver rehabilitative liner solutions to improve the life...Learn More
REMA Corrosion Control is more than just a material supplier, we offer value added services to help meet your corrosion protection requirements. Operating conditions that produce corrosive environments can vary dramatically from plant to plant and process to process. Each specific condition...Learn More
RMB Products increases the operational life of industrial infrastructure by reducing maintenance and long-term capital expense through corrosion protection. RMB applies a uniform, seamless polymer lining to a variety of metal substrates. Lining materials include fluoro polymers such as Tefzel® ,...Learn More
ROSEN is a privately owned company, serving the oil and gas industry with inspection, integrity, and rehabilitation products and services.Operating in over 100 countries, ROSEN provides the industry with advanced inspection and integrity solutions to ensure safe and economical operation of a wide...Learn More
Dow has helped in the manufacturing of the world’s goods and services with additive solutions that:Minimize friction and heat in mechanical processesManage the oil and water interfaceDeliver active ingredients for maximum effectivenessFacilitate dissolvabilityEnable product authenticationDow has...Learn More
Established in 1943 specifically to explore and develop the potential of silicones, Dow Corning is a global leader in silicon-based technology andinnovation. We are passionate about silicon technology’s versatility, its possibilities and its unique potential to help solve some of the most important...Learn More
Russell Corrosion Consultants has been providing premier corrosion engineering services to our clients for over 20 years. RCC offers our clients impartial engineering services that include recommendations and designs that are prepared without regard to proprietary systems or components....Learn More
Rust-Oleum is a global leader in rust-preventive coatings, and has been one of America’s most trusted brands for over 90 years. Our extensive product line includes heavy duty industrial and architectural paints,primers, epoxies, urethanes and multi-color finishes. Always on the cutting edge of...Learn More
Featuring industry leading brands of Anodefex, Covalence, Polyken, Powercrete, and Stopaq, SFL offers the broadest and strongest product line up in the market. SFL combines high-tech corrosion prevention, sealing, and insulation solutions with direct, easy, time and cost-efficient applications to...Learn More
Envelop Protective Covers are the next generation of operational covers, replacing vinyl tarps and corrosion inhibiting chemicals. Developed to protect military weapons and assets from water, ultraviolet rays, humidity, sand, thermal temperature spikes and other environmental hazards, covers are...Learn More
Industrial Paint Manufacturing Company. Indurall Paints. Induron Coatings Inc. The name may have changed. But six decades later, we still stand behind our founders’ original mission: “To produce the right finishes for the best long-term results, and to honestly represent them in a technically...Learn More
Tuff-N-Nuff has developed products designed to provide durable, low maintenance pipeline installations. Tuff-N-Nuff (made in the United States) wraps pipe in a porous shield of flexible PVC that protects the coating from the most aggressive terrain. Tuff-N-Nuff is a 3/8-in thick PVC strand extruded...Learn More

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