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Overview:In business for over 40 years, MATCOR provides products and services that solve corrosion problems globally for major infrastructure assets such as oil, gas and water pipelines, above ground storage tanks, power plants, energy facilities, well casings and steel-in-concrete structures....Learn More
Over 30 years of cathodic protection system monitoring innovation, over 200 major organizations across North America and around the globe, and over one-hundred thousand miles of pipeline assets protected – the MOBILTEX hardware/software platform solutions are redefining the cathodic...Learn More
In practice, SAE Inc. takes on the tough grounding, AC mitigation and cathodic protection assignments to provide the creative solutions needed to help our clients protect their infrastructure from lightning, electrical interference and corrosion.Since 1990, SAE Inc. has provided its clients with...Learn More
Water Star is a manufacturer of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Anodes. Our Superior(tm) anodes are tailored to specific operating conditions and customer specified design current and anode lifetime, typically 20 years or longer. All Water Star anodes and coating lifetimes are confirmed using...Learn More
Acumentrics: Trusted Power Innovations Acumentrics Holding Corporation, headquartered in Westwood, MA, consists of two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Acumentrics RUPS (Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and Acumentrics SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cells). Acumentrics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company...Learn More
Dairyland Electrical Industries is the world's leading manufacturer of solid-state decoupling products most commonly used to isolate cathodically protected structures from grounding systems or other equipment while simultaneously providing safety grounding for AC fault current and lightning.In...Learn More
Agave Wire is ISO 9001 Certified and our products are UL/CSA approved. Agave Wire uses “state-of-the-art” equipment to manufacture products. All our extrusion and cabling lines are computer-monitored to ensure the highest quality of wire and cable possible. Agave Wire extrusion line operators have...Learn More
DC Voltage Gradient Technology & Supply, Ltd. is the worlds leading company in DC Voltage Gradient Technology with very active research into the technology and the design and manufacturing of DCVG and CIPS survey instruments.The original inventor of the DCVG technique way back in the early 80s was...Learn More
De Nora is a global company and a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of electrodes, coatings and complete electrochemical solutions to serve diversified markets. Founded in 1923 by Oronzio De Nora to pursue the commercial exploitation of its first patent the company evolved over time to...Learn More
DNI Enterprises, LLC is the sole wholesale distributor of the Strong Cap. Formed in 2014, DNI Enterprises aims at providing the Strong Cap to professionals in the Electrical, Agricultural, Communications, Utilities, Petroleum, Solar Energy, Pool/Spa Industries and many more. We are dedicated to...Learn More
Founded in 1998 to support specifically the Cathodic Protection and Specialty Graphite Industries, American Carbon Company continued building upon management’s many years of experience in sourcing and developing new product lines. With extensive experience in specialty graphite products, the...Learn More
For more than 30 years, American Innovations (AI) has delivered proven compliance solutions to oil and gas pipeline professionals from the field to the office. That experience has driven us to develop innovative solutions that address your need for efficient data collection, reporting and analysis...Learn More
Established in 1956, Farwest Corrosion Control Company is a world-class leader in cathodic protection and corrosion control related products, solutions and services. Our product range is extensive, as you will see in this website, and our services include a wide variety of cathodic protection...Learn More
Anotec todayAnotec is dedicated exclusively to production and shipping of the world's best high silicon cast iron anodes. Operations and staff are organized and trained to meet and exceed customer requirements under Anotec's ISO 9001 Quality System.Anotec is located in Langley, near Vancouver in...Learn More
Galvotec is the leading anode manufacturer in the U.S.A. Our company has been family owned and operated since 1984. We provide our satisfied customers with the highest quality sacrificial aluminum, zinc, magnesium, water heater, and extruded anodes used for cathodic protection. Galvotec is...Learn More
As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), IRT Integrated Rectifier Technologies will design, manufacture and supply cathodic protection rectifiers and junction box / control panels to the cathodic / corrosion industry.Our company manufacturers a number of standard product lines used in most...Learn More
JA Electronics Mfg. Co. has been providing top-quality, custom-manufactured cathodic protection (CP) equipment for over 30 years. All of our equipment is manufactured to individual customer specifications and requirements. JA Electronics will be exhibiting our examples of our lines of...Learn More
We manufacture all kinds of anodes for cathodic protection (CP), both galvanic anodes: magnesium, aluminum, and zinc; and impressed current anodes: titanium MMO, graphite, Fe-Si, and Fe-Si-Cr, according to national and international standards. We also provide high-quality coke, pipeline inspection...Learn More
Ningbo YUXI was established in 2003. During the past 10 years, we have created our own technology and accumulated abundant experiences in producing cathodic protection (CP) anodes and related equipment.The factory has six different workshops in producing sacrificial anodes, ICCP anodes, CP power,...Learn More
Northtown Co. is a manufacturer and distributor of a broad array of pipeline and cathodic protection products, including Trenton® wax tapes, sacrificial anodes, custom test boards and stations, exothermic welding molds and charges, bond cables, epoxies, shrink sleeves, markers, marking tape...Learn More

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