Castagra is an oil and gas and wastewater industries protective coatings company that has products that defeat some of the harshest environments that the natural and unnatural world can throw at steel and concrete. And, it does it naturally with renewable and recyclable products that are as simple as vegetable oil and common gypsum.No emissions of nasty volatile organic compounds, no isocyanates, no petroleum chemicals, it is non toxic and cheaper, faster, better, sprayable and with a 20-plus year pedigree of field proven experience. Now approved and used by three of the world’s leading oil and gas field services companies, this ‘plasticized gypsum’ is successfully addressing and giving longer life to all types of tanks and pipes, and steel and concrete structures. While meeting the demands of the conventional tank storage industries with its Ecodur coatings, it is now actively co-operating to come up with new coatings to combat the corrosive effects of the new cocktails of chemicals the fracking industry is creating in the drive to release billions of gallons of trapped oil and trillions of cubic feet of shale gas. Castagra is an American company headquartered in Reno, Nevada. It operates principally in Houston, Texas, where the bulk of the coatings are produced and developed.

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Corporate Address
5605 Riggins Court
Suite 200
Reno , Nevada , 89502
United States

Mailing Address
Castagra Products, Inc.
P.O. Box 41270
Reno , Nevada , 89504
United States

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