Car Guys Flooring

Car Guys Flooring is the one-stop shop for all epoxy garage floor needs. We’re just a couple of Motor City guys who are passionate about cars. We crave the rumble of a cammed out 5.0 Mustang. We dream about the smooth lines of a Ferrari 250 GTO. Heck, if Ethanol was a cologne, we’d probably wear it. That’s why we got exhausted of seeing sub-par garage floor systems on the market.We’ve tried paint systems that started peeling within weeks. We’ve tried other epoxy systems that are a nightmare to mix properly. And we’re fed up with so called “kits” that are little more than a bucket of epoxy and cleaner. We wanted to create a great epoxy floor product that was tough, high-gloss, easy to use, and to be honest, something to make our friends a little jealous when they looked into our garages. We’re not here to be the cheapest guys in town. Nope, have fun putting down another coat next year. We’re not here to boost the sales of your local hardware store because you need to buy rollers and gloves and everything else that the “kit” didn’t come with. We’re here to offer a professional grade flooring epoxy and save you the headaches we’ve already been through.

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165 Kirts Blvd
Troy , Michigan , 48084
United States

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