We exist because we believe in improving the lives of people

  • Our Colleagues
  • Our Staff
  • Our Customers
  • Our Suppliers

…we do it every day.

Here’s how we fulfill this mission:

Our Colleagues – at Blast-One, we all care about each other. We all want each other to prosper, to get ahead in life, to further their abilities, to get better at what they do, to become more successful. Everyone wants this for everyone else.

Our Staff – the owners of Blast-One want to see the staff get ahead in life. We have extremely rewarding bonus and incentive packages. High performance and hard work and loyalty is rewarded. Blast-One wants to see all the staff prosper and get ahead in their professional and personal life. We have world class professional training. We want to see everyone get better at what they do.

Our Customers – at Blast-One we constantly focus on improving the lives of the managers and owners of businesses. Showing them how to make more money, work more efficiently, do their projects faster, etc. We do it every day.

We improve the lives of the blasters and painters. Educating them about the health dangers of using some abrasives. This saves blaster’s lives. We show them how to blast with abrasives which produce less dust – they go home cleaner. Blasters tell us that we’ve saved their marriage because they no longer were going home to the family coughing up black dust, covered in dust, etc.

We improve the lives of people who have to work and live near blasting operations – by lowering dust, finding ways to help the environment – reducing waste.

Our Suppliers – we respect them, we always pay our bills, we are loyal to suppliers who are loyal to Blast-One. We go out of our way to have the best supplier relationships.

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American Headquarters
2400 Landmark Way
Columbus , Ohio , 43219
United States

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