Biosan Laboratories Inc

Biosan Laboratories is an environmental microbiological laboratory that was founded by Dr. Harold Rossmoore in 1973. Our initial microbiology lab was in Ferndale, MI where we remained until 1994. As the microbiology laboratory grew, we realized that many of our customers would benefit from the ability to perform microbial testing of their own processes on-site. In response to this need, our microbiology lab developed the Sani-Check B dip slide for detecting bacteria, the Sani-Check BF dipslide for detecting bacteria and fungi, and the Sani-Check SRB test kit for culturing sulfate reducing bacteria. In addition to these test kits, our microbiology lab has recently developed the Sani-Check APB test kit for detecting acid producing bacteria.

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1950 Tobsal Court
Warren , Michigan , 48091-1351
United States

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