Australasian Institute of Surface Finishing

The AISF is a not for profit organisation that oversees the professional conduct and interests of the Surface Finishing industry including all Powder Coating, Electroplating and Anodising. Members represented include all major Australian and International powder, paint and chemical manufacturers, OEM and jobbing shop applicators/ coaters, abrasive blast shops and other technical groups that participate in surface finishing. AISF members undertake corrosion protection and beautification of all types of metallic substrates in accordance with industry best practice that is underpinned by a relevant Australian/ International Standard and/ or the Building Code of Australia.

We work closely with like minded organisations such as the Australian Corrosion Association (ACA) and the Galvanizers Association of Australia (GAA) to actively promote the message about the need for proper preparation, selection of the appropriate coating materials, following the correct process and the maintaining skills and high workmanship levels to ensure a quality outcome.

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