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Typical coating solutions come with risks including VOCs, HAPs, and flammability, but there are new and unique solutions hitting the market that offer great protection without the risk.

Rarely does a coating fail because of only one contributing factor. Rather, it is usually two or more factors working in conjunction that cause a coating to fail on a particular site, when that same coating has performed as expected on other sites.

Infrastructure: it's our roads, bridges, dams, airports, power grids... basically anything that can be destroyed in an action film! Here's John Oliver's take on the state of America's infrastructure.

Corrosion testing is one of a corrosion engineer's most important responsibilities. Here we look at the top field and laboratory tests used.

After blast cleaning, a surface consists of random irregularities with peaks and valleys. If the roughness is insufficient, paint will not adhere. If the roughness is too great, the surface will be susceptible to corrosion.

One of the least addressed causes of corrosion is human error. Here we'll take a look at how human error contributes to corrosion failure and what can be done to mitigate its effects.

Proper pre-planning and deciding what data to collect are essential to the efficacy and cost effectiveness of both baseline surveys and ongoing inspections for coatings asset management programs.

A new fast-cure, polymeric epoxy-based emergency repair composite provides excellent adhesion without intensive surface preparation, grit blasting, or removal of moisture, oil, or salt contaminants, and can be applied even under water.

The careful selection of coatings and substrate materials based on the service exposure of electrical equipment and controls can improve the reliability and cost effectiveness of the entire system. Learn how to prevent corrosion in electrical systems.

Pumps, valves, impellers, and fittings are highly susceptible to several types of corrosion, including erosion, galvanic, pitting and cavitation corrosion.

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