Water Pipelines: Prevent Corrosion, Eliminate Leaks

By | Published: June 8, 2022
Presented by GPT Industries
Key Takeaways

Explore Isolation and sealing within the water industry by delving into the most common issues that arise and navigating the solutions.

Join the GPT engineering group for a water industry special. In this educational webinar, we will be exploring isolation and sealing within the water industry, delving into the most common issues that arise, and helping navigate you toward the right solutions. Preventing leakages while maintaining isolation brings additional complications for users to focus on. This, coupled with the sheer scale of water pipeline applications, only magnifies the issues and difficulties encountered. Water absorption and permeation are also critical factors that need to be accounted for, but are often overlooked. Through our extensive history of supporting the water industry, we have learned valuable insights that we look forward to sharing.

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