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Your Installers Are Probably Installing/Testing Isolation Kits Improperly

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Key Takeaways

Training specifically designed for isolation kits is necessary to break the cycle.

That is a bold statement, no doubt. But think about it…what training have your personnel had specifically dedicated to the installation of an isolation kit? Has their training been specifically around the installation of standard gaskets in flanges? If so, they are likely installing isolation kits improperly by installing them as if they were standard gaskets.

Are your personnel responsible for testing isolation kits using Ohm-meters to test the flange for isolation? If they are, they are not measuring isolation properly.

This webinar will outline the differences between the installation of an isolation kit versus a standard gasket. It will also explain why an Ohm-meter is not the appropriate equipment to measure isolation. The webinar will further detail what the correct steps are in installing an isolation kit and how to properly test an isolating kit to ensure that all aspects of the kit are doing what they were intended to do.

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