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Insulating Coatings Powered by Aerogel Particles Webinar

By Andy Hoffman | Published: April 28, 2016
Key Takeaways

Aerogel is widely recognized as the best insulating solid in the world. It has been around in blanket insulation form for quite some time, but just within the last five years aerogel particles started being formulated for use in high performance coatings. This formulation breakthrough greatly enhances the thermal efficiency of insulation coatings, thus making them an attractive option for a wide range of applications, including energy efficiency, personnel protection, condensation control, and preventing corrosion under insulation (CUI). This presentation will compare aerogel particles to traditional insulation coating fillers such as ceramic beads, and also identify the markets where aerogel coatings can save the owner / end user time and money.

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Key Points:

  • The low thermal conductivity of Aerogel allows for a coating with greatly enhanced thermal efficiencies.
  • Aerogel coatings bond directly to high-performance primers for a durable barrier that resists corrosion.
  • The ability to minimize heat transfer creates a “safe-touch” burn protection factor on coated surfaces as a safeguard for personnel.

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Corrosion Prevention CUI Coatings

Written by Andy Hoffman | Product Manager, Tnemec Company Inc.

Profile Picture of Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman, Product Manager of Insulation and Specialty Products with Tnemec Company Inc., covers new product development, management of specialty coating systems, and coordination of their enhancements. Hoffman is well-versed in the insulation market and the attributes of insulating materials.

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